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Household Recycling in Atlanta, GA

Curbside Recycling Services in Atlanta, GA

Recycling not only rids your home of unwanted refuse; it also helps preserve the environment. Enhance your recycling routine by taking advantage of our curbside recycling services in Atlanta, GA. This service is offered biweekly (twice per month). Only one container is available per household.

Specialty Pickups in Atlanta, GA

Can I Use My Recycling Cart for Trash?

Your recycling cart is to be used for the sole purpose of collecting recyclables (rigid containers, cans, cardboard, and paper). It is not to be used for the collection of household trash (non-recyclable waste consisting of food and food-contaminated items, diapers, etc.) or yard debris (leaves, grass, and brush).

Acceptable Recycling Materials

There is no need to collect your recyclables in plastic bags as this makes them harder to process. Recyclables should be clean and empty. Drips that remain at the bottom of a soda container are accepted; however, a half-full can of soda is not okay to be placed in your bin. The following items should be collected un-bagged and in your bin:

  • Containers: Jugs, Bottles, Cartons, Tubs, Trays, Buckets, Bins
  • Cans: Aluminum, Steel, Aerosol
  • Cardboard: Shipping/Moving (Flattened), Cereal, Paperboard, Frozen Food
  • Paper: Office, Magazines, Newspaper, Books, Mail, Shredded (Bagged)

Unaccepted Recycling Materials

The following materials should never be placed in your recycling bin for collection:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Food
  • Cables/Lights
  • Phones/Electronics
  • Plastic Foam
  • Wrappers
  • Diapers
  • Clothes

Cardboard Collection

A maximum of 30 boxes can be collected with your normal recycling service schedule. Boxes must be broken down and flat (preferably bundled and tied) before placing curbside. If you need more than 30 boxes collected, a specialty pickup request will need to be submitted.

Curbside Recycling Services in Atlanta, GA