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Fulton Sanitation Policies & Prices

Be sure to read through the Fulton Sanitation policies to learn more about our services. Please contact us with any questions or to request service.

Inclement Weather Policy

Roadway safety is our primary concern. Trash collection will be temporarily suspended on roads and/or areas which are deemed unsafe due to snow or ice. If we are unable to provide collection, services will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Cart Repairs & Replacements

If your cart is broken, nonfunctional, or missing, contact our customer service department immediately. We will schedule activity within the next ten business days.

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Canceling Service

In the event of service cancellation, you must contact our customer service department to terminate your account. All Fulton Sanitation equipment provided to you during your time of service is to be scheduled for pickup at the time of cancellation. Any trash carts, recycling carts, and bins not returned are subject to a $100.00 charge per cart and $10.00 charge per bin. An additional administrative fee may be applied upon cancellation of service.


Please note that prorates may apply when signing up in the middle of a term. These will be added to your first bill. See below for standard pricing. Specialty pickup for bulk goods costs $35.00 and up, and pickup for white goods costs $50.00 and up. Prices vary depending on the amount of waste. Contact us for an estimate and to arrange for pickup.

 Service Quarterly (Every 3 Months) Semi-Annually Annually
Trash & Yard Waste - 1 Container $57.75 $115.50 $231.00*
Trash & Yard Waste - 2 Containers $75.60 $151.20 $302.40*
Recyclables $42.00 $84.00 $168.00*

*Use Coupon Code: "219" for 5% Off On All Annual Payments.