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Yard Waste Collection in Atlanta, GA

Trash Collection Experts in Atlanta, GA

Never again will you have to worry about what to do with all your unsightly trash. Depend on us to remove garbage from your property. We are your neighborhood trash collection experts in Atlanta, GA!

Standard Curbside Service

Getting rid of your trash is easy. We ask that you place all waste in clearly labeled containers that we provide or you purchase. We recommend that waste and recyclables are placed at the curb the night before your collection day to ensure collection. If you have trash that does not fit inside of your provided trash collection cart, you may set out an additional personal container or place the extra bags next to your trash collection cart. Our standard residential waste collection includes:

  • Routine Trash, Yard Waste, & Recycling Collection
  • Provided Collection Equipment
  • Online Bill Pay Options
  • Specialty Item Collection as Needed (Additional Charges Apply)
  • Maintenance Performed as Needed
Residential Waste Collection in Atlanta, GA

Trash Collection Experts in Atlanta, GA

Acceptable Trash Materials

Everyday household waste (e.g., kitchen and bathroom waste) is acceptable in your curbside collection container. When possible, divert recyclable materials from your trash collection container and place them into your recycling collection container.

Unacceptable Trash Materials

Check with your local landfill or utilize our "What Do I Do With" feature to understand the best disposal options for each untraditional material. Please note that all electronic waste featuring lithium-ion batteries (cell phones, laptops, etc.) must be brought to a certified e-waste recycler as these batteries can potentially cause truck fires. The following materials require alternative methods of disposal:

  • Hazardous Wastes: Acids, Ammunition, Antifreeze, Asbestos, Car Batteries, Caustics, Chemicals, Dead Animals, Explosives, Fire Extinguishers, Fluorescent Bulbs, Herbicides & Pesticides, Motor Oil, Paint, Poisons, Propane & Helium Tanks
  • Construction Debris: Concrete, Bricks, Blocks, Palettes
  • Large Landscaping Project Materials: Mulch, Dirt, Rock, Stumps, Sod